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For a demonstration of broken images, this image is not displaying correctly, because it's looking for img.jpg, which is not in this repo

Source code can be found here

Directions for use of the template:

  1. Download this, which is a clean tarball built with make dist from the repository root.

  2. Uncompress it in a clean directory.

  3. Remove the contents of src/index.md and nav.md replace it with your markdown or html content.

  4. Create your own *.md files in src/ as you see fit.

  5. Optionally, add your Google Analytics tracking ID to header in the tracking template markup.

  6. Run make in the repository root to create a complete *.html page in the docs directory for every *.md page in the src directory.

  7. Check out how these pages look in your browsers.

  8. Host this tree somewhere and direct visitors to docs/index.md. Underground Software reccommends GitHub Pages.